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Get your ideas down 50% faster with a real-time collab editor, AI audio tools, and project management.


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Universal Warner SM YG Soundgraphics

Built to sketch your ideas quick

Collaborate on songs in real-time

Work on your music together, wherever you are, with real-time audio editing in a super simple browser-based DAW.

Supercharge your creativity with AI

Use AI voice conversion, smart composition aids, and innovative music analysis to inspire and enhance your creativity.

Manage your projects and stay synced

Keep all your melody ideas, lyrics, stems, and credits organized. Stay updated on project progress in real-time.

Next generation workflow

Fully collaborative platform for music makers

Consolidate your music making process in one place, from first idea to pitched master. Easily import and export audio from any DAW.

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Real-time collaborative audio editor.
Sketch out ideas with your collaborators lightning fast inside of our browser-based audio editor.
AI audio tools.
Transform your voice to add a new flair to your demo, or analyze melodies to predict what will be the next hit.
Project management.
Create and add your collaborators to projects to manage your ideas, lyrics, stems, and credits.
Audio and video chat.
Hop in and out of group audio or video calls to hash out the details of that chorus or bridge!
Instant notifications.
Stop chasing people down on emails. Get instantly notified when anything changes on a project.
File storage.
Ditch Dropbox or Google Drive for a platform that actually organizes data by project instead of messy folders.


Affordable plans for all music creators


Get started with real-time collaboration, AI tools, and storage for free.


  • Unlimited real-time collaboration and chat
  • Limited project creation
  • Limited storage
  • Limited access to AI tools
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Most popular

Unlimited real-time project creation and AI tools to supercharge your workflow.

$10 /month

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited access to AI tools
  • Access to songwriting camps, contests, mentorship, and pitch oppourtunities
  • 1TB storage
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Integrate Songflow into your curriculum through student-owned or school-owned licenses.


  • Students seamlessly work on the same project together in and out of class
  • Instructors can get hands on in student projects
  • Songflow's network gives students the opportunity to connect with industry leaders
  • Dedicated onboarding, support, and classes
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Created by musicians - for musicians

For education

Empowering the next generation of music creators

Join the forward thinking music production colleges around the world that are using Songflow to give students the confidence to let their creativity flow and encourage collaboration with their peers.

Students can seamlessly work on the same project together in and out of class, instructors can get more hands on as collaborators in student projects, and Songflow's network gives students the opportunity to connect with industry leaders.